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Dean Reed’s Big Brown

Dean Reed’s Big Brown 650 420 Barn Elms Fishery

Mr Dean Reed is pinching the BIG BROWS again! 6lb 5oz large brown, a Trout Masters winner this month I think?

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6lb rainbow trout

Simon Mann 6lb Rainbow

Simon Mann 6lb Rainbow 650 420 Barn Elms Fishery

Here is a photo of the 6lb rainbow dead weight caught by Simon Mann at Barn Elms Fly Fishery. To see other catches please see our gallery page on this website. If you would like to submit a photo to us please email it with your name and experience plus the fishery name to 

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Barn Elms Corporate Days

Barn Elms Corporate Days

Barn Elms Corporate Days 650 420 Barn Elms Fishery

Barn Elms Fly Fishery is closed every Wednesday for private Corporate Day bookings. With both companies and fishing clubs booking well in advance the calendar is always full. If you are looking to book a Corporate Day with us, we recommend that you book well in advance to avoid disappointment. With a number of different catering options…

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The Klinkhammer

The Klinkhammer 650 420 Barn Elms Fishery

The Dutch angler Hans Van Klinken originally tied this fly as an emerging caddis pattern to catch grayling as they floated in the surface film and called it the “Klinkhammer”. However, Klinkhammer flies can also be successfully used imitating other emerging nymphs. Use a tapered leader for correct turnover of the Klinkhammer when casting, it…

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The Blue Flash Damsel

The Blue Flash Damsel 650 420 Barn Elms Fishery

Damsels (Inc Blue Flash) Flash Damsel Trout flies are without a doubt one of the best selling and most widely used on stillwaters today. The original started out as Olive Blue Flash Damsel, but they have now developed into a range of variations. The black and orange are equally effective; keep a few of each in…

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To Blob or Not

To Blob or Not 650 420 Barn Elms Fishery

The Blob is as effective as it is controversial. Used primarily as an attractor pattern, an increasing number of fly fishers believe the Blob’s popularity is reducing angler’s skills as they are losing touch with imitative patterns and techniques. So why is the Blob so deadly? Aggressive attractor tactics featuring brisk retrieves and gaudy flies…

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Big Browns at Barn Elms

Big Browns at Barn Elms 650 420 Barn Elms Fishery

We have been consistently stocking large size Brown and they are now showing in the returns every week. Full finned and sleek Browns between 5lb and 7lb have been caught by some of our regular anglers. These Browns give an outstanding fight and like all Barn Elm’s fish are great to eat as they are do not have…

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Short 2017 Video

Short 2017 Video 650 420 Barn Elms Fishery

Not a great quality video, was on a phone and it was a windy day – the fishing was good as always! More videos, taken with 4K GoPro on their way…

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