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  • 25th May 2017

The Klinkhammer


The Klinkhammer

The Klinkhammer 650 420 Barn Elms Fishery

The Dutch angler Hans Van Klinken originally tied this fly as an emerging caddis pattern to catch grayling as they floated in the surface film and called it the “Klinkhammer”. However, Klinkhammer flies can also be successfully used imitating other emerging nymphs. Use a tapered leader for correct turnover of the Klinkhammer when casting, it should drop gently into the water when cast. This fly is a must have in your box when fishing Barn Elms Fly Fishery! The fishery has days when dry flys work well especially this time of the year. Klinkhammer flies are available from most good fly fishing retailers. It is now the perfect time of year to give them a go! Fill your fly box with this fly and head down to the trout lakes at Barn Elms, good luck and tight lines …