Catch and Release Rules

Barn Elms Catch & Release Rules

  • Maximum number of fish on C & R ticket is four.
  • Please inform Baliff when leaving, how many fish you released.
  • Beware that trout are more sensitive than coarse fish and should not be kept out of the water long, if at all.
  • Small single Barbless hooks. No treble hooks.
  • Minimum 7 Ib leaders or tippets to be used so fish can be landed faster with less stress to the fish.

Important Infomation

  • Landing nets should be wetted every time before the fish is netted.
  • The hooks should be removed, where possible, with the netted fish in the water; hands should be wet and fish handled very carefully if at all.
  • Most times barbless hooks fall away from the fish when netted but use of a ketchum release tool is preferred.
  • Give the fish plenty of time to recover before releasing, be patient, a fish rolling over is a sign more time is needed for the fish to recover.
  • If the fish is diseased or damaged, or hook swallowed and difficult to remove; the fish should be killed quickly and the fish taken immediately to the Baliff on duty.
  • The Baliff will not charge you for the fish, but will take possession of the fish unless you want to keep it in which case a further £10 charge will be made.

Barbless hooks, 7 lb leaders and release tools are on sale in the Lodge, profits go to charity.