About Us

Barn Elms Fly Fishery

Welcome to Barn Elms Fly Fishery, where our aim is to make your visit relaxing and enjoyable. Barn Elms Lake is a relaxing trout fishing location with a spring-fed chalk stream lake situated on a working farm in the idyllic Pang Valley, deep in rural Berkshire. Although 6 acres in size, it is an intimate lake shaped like a four-leafed clover with nooks and crannies, suitable for novices and experienced fishermen alike. The lake has an average depth of 8 feet with an abundance of aquatic life, mature trees and a very atmospheric ambience. The lake is stocked weekly with energetically fighting Rainbow and Brown Trout. These are predominantly 2 lbs, with ten per cent of the weekly stocking up to 10 lbs.

Pre-booking and payment for fishing on the lake is made before your visit. Please email [email protected] or call 07780 682400 (Daisy) or 07768 581785 (Rosemary) to book or for any further information, including to discuss corporate days. Please ensure you let us know your catch returns as soon as possible after your visit.

Like all fisheries, you require an Environment Agency Rod Licence to fish this water. If you do not have a licence yet and wish to purchase one, please see the Environment Agency website. Rod Licences can also be purchased at your local Post Office or by telephone (0844 800 5386).