Stocking Policy


Stocking Policy at Barn Elms

Stocking generally takes place every week and due to the reasons that are given below our fish start feeding almost immediately. We believe that our full finned, powerful fish give the angler a hard fight and the best sports available.

We have a quick turnover of stock that helps to avoid fish becoming fly-shy. Our supplier’s trout farm is fed with cold spring water, and as fish are ectothermic, they only grow slowly in cold water. This means that our fish grow at a more natural, healthy pace and develop strong muscles. Even our 8lb fish give a great fight, unlike the ‘Jumbo’ trout that you may hear of elsewhere, which are trout that have been fattened too quickly. We stock rainbow, brown, blue and gold trout of a target weight up to 8lb and we stock them quite heavily. Our stock is transported by our supplier via a pick-up with an aerated fish transport tank on the back, and placed into our lake via a ABS shoot. The whole process only takes around 10 minutes and is fairly stress-free for the fish, so they settle and start to feed almost immediately.