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Icebreaker Competition

Barn Elms Icebreaker Competition

The Icebreaker Fly Fishing Competition is the first date in the diary for Barn Elms and is usually held one or two weeks before the opening day of the new season. Held annually this is one you do not want to miss, keep an eye on our blog for more information near the time and take a look at our gallery for images of previous years.

Icebreaker Rules

• Fishing times will be 10.00am – 3.00pm (30 min break)
• Bank spaces have been pegged out in advance.
• A random draw will determine Peg Numbers allocated to each competitor at the start.
• Subsequent Peg changes on hourly intervals with everybody fishing from different positions, having moved pre-specified spaces around the lake
The last peg will be for 90 minutes. Officials will oversee this.
• NO Peg position swapping in the event of a competitor finishing before the allotted time.
• The only accepted method is fly fishing. Single fly only. No dog nobblers.
• Maximum Hook size 8. Ground baiting is prohibited. No Wading. No dogs.
• The bag limit is 4 fish. All fishermen must have a landing net and a priest.
• Anglers must wear protective eyewear and a hat whilst fishing.
• The weigh-in of the fish must be performed by one of the Fishery officials.
• Anglers must adhere to the decisions of the authorised Fishery officials.
• Anglers must accept and abide by the Fishery rules.
• There will be NO time bonus.
• The Match will be run on the basis of the heaviest bag.
• The heaviest 3 Bags will receive prizes.
• Fishing must cease during lightning and thunderstorms.
• An Environment Agency rod licence is required to fish the water.
• The Management accept no liability for loss or damage however caused.
• The Management take no responsibility for circumstances affecting the lake or fishery that are beyond their control.