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  • 6th May 2017

To Blob or Not


To Blob or Not

To Blob or Not 650 420 Barn Elms Fishery

The Blob is as effective as it is controversial. Used primarily as an attractor pattern, an increasing number of fly fishers believe the Blob’s popularity is reducing angler’s skills as they are losing touch with imitative patterns and techniques. So why is the Blob so deadly? Aggressive attractor tactics featuring brisk retrieves and gaudy flies have always been deadly and unstoppable when fishing for stock fish, in some circles this is called ‘Stocky Bashing’.  Whether you agree or disagree, the Blob is creating a reputation as one to use when things get a bit tough. Every stillwater fly fisher should reserve a few parking spots in their fly box for the Blob for just these occasions. The most deadly Blobs are reported to be the Tequila and the Coral, both shown in the image above.